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Product Overview

  • Plastic JarsPlastic Jars

    Inmark provides plastic jars to your precise specifications. Whatever your desired material, shape or capacity, Inmark has what you need.

  • Glass ContainersGlass Containers

    The elegance of glass can help build your brand and drive customer satisfaction. Inmark offers a selection of sizes to meet your needs.

  • CansCans

    Inmark offers a vast selection of tin plate packaging. From pint to gallon, we provide a range of options for your business. 

  • PailsPails

    Pails are a diverse product needed in a range of markets, and Inmark can provide them. You name it, we have it.

  • DrumsDrums

    Whatever material, size, color, style or dispensing type you need, Inmark has a variety of drums to meet your needs.

  • Drum LinersDrum Liners

    Finding the correct liner for your drums can increase efficiency and decrease cost. Whatever your need, Inmark has a solution.

  • Drum AccessoriesDrum Accessories

    Disposing waste liquid and material requires specific tools and accessories to get the job done. Inmark offers a variety of drum accessories for your business.

  • Measuring Scoops & CupsMeasuring Scoops & Cups

    When your product requires precise measurement for dispensing, Inmark has the answer. We offer measuring scoops and cups to meet your requirements.

  • Plastic BottlesPlastic Bottles

    The right size and look are essential to your customer experience. Inmark provides a variety of stock or custom-molded bottles.

  • CubitainersCubitainers

    Collapsible Hedwin cubitainers, sold with or without corrugated boxes, provide a unique rigid packaging solution for your needs.

  • CoolersCoolers

    A range of EPS cooler sets in varying wall thickness, density and size will help ensure your product is properly stored and shipped.

  • IBCs & TotesIBCs & Totes

    Inmark offers intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and totes to safely transfer your bulk liquids, viscous products or dry flowables. 

  • Dispensing SystemsDispensing Systems

    The right dispensing system can have a dramatic impact on customer satisfaction. Inmark provides dispensing systems to a wide range of industries.

  • Plastic TubsPlastic Tubs

    Our range of plastic tubs and lids includes various sizes and colors, offering flexible, custom solutions for your business.

  • Closures & PlugsClosures & Plugs

    To provide you with a single source rigid container packaging solution, Inmark offers a range of closures and plugs that meet your specific needs.