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Case Study

Not Quite Impossible

Jul 2012

A national pet supply company was searching for a packaging solution that would meet their unique branding choice. They came to Inmark frustrated with other vendors that told them their preferred packaging option was not possible. 

Product Overview


Finding the right tin plate packaging for your business.

The variety of tin plate cans available can be overwhelming. Whether you know exactly what your business needs, or you need the assistance of our knowledgeable team of rigid container experts, Inmark can quickly and efficiently help you find the right cans for your business.

Inmark offers the following types of tin plate cans:

  • F-style
  • Mono-top
  • Cone-top
  • Paint
  • Ink
  • And more!

At Inmark, we are dedicated to providing you with expedient, reliable service--every time. Our helpful consultants are here to help you select the best options for your business. To get started, call us at 800-646-6275 or contact us today.