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Case Study

Not Quite Impossible

Jul 2012

A national pet supply company was searching for a packaging solution that would meet their unique branding choice. They came to Inmark frustrated with other vendors that told them their preferred packaging option was not possible. 

Product Overview

Closures & Plugs

Inmark provides all of your packaging needs.

Finding the right container is only the first step--finding the right closure is essential to the performance and satisfaction of the product. Here at Inmark, we provide a range of closures and plugs to fit each container for your business. Our experienced consultants can recommend a specific closure to “finish” your packaging, and ensure a desirable customer experience and shelf appeal.

We offer a range of flexible closure solutions, including:

  • Plastic  
  • Metal
  • Dispensing 
  • Child-resistant 
  • Cap plugs & Adapters
  • Phenolic
  • Yorker Spouts
  • Liners

Do you need assistance finding the right closure or plug for your product? Call our experienced customer service team at 800-646-6275, or contact us today.