Drum Accessories from Inmark Rigid Container Packaging

Case Study

No Leaking Here

Jul 2012

A nationwide pet supply company was seeking a unique bottle for their latest product, a flavored treat that pets could “lick” straight from the bottle. 

Product Overview

Drum Accessories

The right accessories to enhance your product investment.

Using drums and disposing of drum waste can entail many steps and may require several tools to get the job done. Here at Inmark, we offer a comprehensive solution to your rigid packaging challenges, and we offer a range of drum accessories to ensure you have what you need, when you need it. A member of our customer service team can help you assess your specific need and determine which accessories are appropriate for your specific product.

Inmark offers a variety of drum accessories, including:

  • Bungs & Spouts 
  • Pumps & Siphons
  • Over Caps
  • Wrenches

The qualified consultants at Inmark will help you find exactly the drum accessories you need. Call us today at 800-646-4275 or contact us today to learn more.